Sacha van der Merwe

I am inspired by the variety of my responsibilities some of which are to ensure that our systems and processes are robust enough to increase the business’ growth, efficiencies and profitability.                   
I enjoy building relationships with our clients, colleagues and associates while focusing on continuous improvement and offering our clients excellent service.   

I am passionate about people and change. I am grateful to be part of the process that enables people to change their mind-sets which in turn changes their world views.                   
This is what inspires me about working for Emuthini Consulting where our primary focus is cultivating human growth - personally and professionally.                   
We hold the intention that the work we do with our clients is nation building and nation healing.                   
Working with Veronica has opened my eyes to the depth and breadth of our country’s diversity and how we are part of a bigger plan and purpose.                   
The work we do is much bigger than us.